Your physical appearance influences your environment. The way you talk, walk and dress reflects your personality and it has an impact on your social relations, e.g. boss, friends, colleagues. Whether it may seem superficial or not, clothing is one of the easiest things you can control about your personal image, as perceived in your environment. It is therefore important to be conscious about your physical appearance, especially at work.

As a working woman, it is crucial to invest in a couple of garments to impact your appearance in a positive way, see previous article. One of these must-haves for your workwear wardrobe are blazers.

Blazers are unquestionably the most essential item of your workwear wardrobe. Every working woman should invest in at least one good, well-tailored and qualitative blazer per season to conquer her day: not only does it make almost every outfit (yes, even a jeans with a T-shirt) work-appropriate, which makes your life easier every morning, it also leaves a strong impression on your work environment. Giving you a wider and more structured shoulder line, it makes you look stronger, confident and, at the same time, classy. And this has definitely an impact on your productivity, your accomplishments, and thus, on the way you are perceived at work.

Being worn by many working women nowadays, it becomes very tricky to stand out with your outfit at work, wearing a classic, timeless blazer. It can therefore be necessary to blow a new life into your blazer: this, by being conscious about the way you wear it and how to style your blazer differently.

Here is why, in this article, I’ve gathered 5 tips and tricks on how to boost your professional image by styling your blazer.

1. Mix & match!

Stand out with your blazer by playing with colorful garments and prints. Whether you combine different colors and prints or you just keep your outfit to one color, there are different ways to mix and match your blazer to get a powerful corporate outfit:

Monochrome look

Pick one color and use it for your whole outfit.

Tip: It can sometimes be a little tricky to obtain a clean and classy outfit using only one color, especially when your blazer isn’t black. Use the same tones of the same color in all of your garments, but mix and match different textiles and textures to obtain a very elegant and coherent look, e.g. combine a red turtleneck sweater with a red leather skirt, with red tights and shoes.


Mix and match two or three very different, opposite colors to stand out the crowd!

Tip: Even more tricky than the monochrome outfit, is color-blocking. When in doubt, block a monochrome outfit with one colorful item, e.g. wear colorful (flashy red) shoes with your all-beige outfit.

Play with prints

For starters, start with one printed garment and style it with other one-colored, plain garments.

Tip: Use one of the colors showing in your print as your one-colored plain garment.

Tip: While playing with prints, keep in mind that you need one color tone to be your foundation, which means this color has to be repeated in each print of every garment. That color will be the starting point of your outfit.

All black

Wear your blazer (which isn’t black) on an all-black outfit.

2. Fiercely feminine

Show a little spark of femininity in your office outfit. Since a blazer is an masculine-inspired piece (especially when over-sized), it is definitely eye-catching to combine it with a dress or skirt.

3. Suit up!

Two-piece pantsuits are such a great investment in your workwear wardrobe. Worn separately or together, your style will be completely different.

Being one of my absolute favorites to wear at the office, a two-piece suit will give you all the strength you need to run your day!

4. Layering

To fight the cold winter days, it can be smart to add some layers under your blazer. How to do that and stay classy?

See for yourself!


Turtlenecks are life-savers!


Add a sweater to your go-to outfit.

Double sweater weather

Tip: This kind of layering may be tricky depending on your morphology and the garments chosen. The trick to good layering is to choose very light turtlenecks/sweaters made of fine, natural fabrics (thin wool, cashmere), which will keep you warm. Be careful to not over-layer: you definitely do not want to look like a snowman!

When in doubt, wear a scarf instead.

5. Eye for detail? Accessorize!

By adjusting some details to an outfit, you can change your look completely. Accessories are an easy way to give your blazer a refined, fitted and polished look.


Add some jewels to finish your look. Necklaces, statement earrings, rings, brooches etc. All these kinds of jewelry can be used to give an even more polished style to your blazer.


Use a belt (or two) to fit your over-sized blazer.


Use a (silk) scarf to give some color to your outfit.

Ready to stand out the (working) crowd now?

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