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A kimono-blazer is not always easy to wear on a work floor. Because of its over-sized design, it could easily be considered lounge-y or informal. It, therefore, definitely needs the right styling. One tip: when wearing a kimono-blazer at work, use a waist belt. By belting it, your waist will be highlighted (which we all want, obviously) and, at the same time, it will give a more fitted and structured look to your outfit.

Note: To refine your business outfit, you can style your kimono-blazer with another waist belt than the one that comes with the kimono-blazer.

Combine your kimono-blazer with a pair of same-colored, straight pants to create a classic business look. Here, the navy kimono-blazer has a lightly striped pattern. The pants have exactly the same color as the kimono-blazer (navy blue), without the pattern. Since they have the same foundation color, it really looks like they are made to be worn together!

To illuminate your outfit, wear your kimono-blazer with a shirt of a very light color (pink, white, beige). Here, the color of the shirt is light green, which matches very well with the navy ensemble.


Kimono-blazer: Mango (old-co). Not available anymore, but click here for a similar item from Zara.

Shirt: Zara (old-co). Not available anymore, but click here for a similar item from Zara.

Pants: Mango (new-co).

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