Style is your own way of arranging your physical appearance and thus, expressing who you are and what you want. It is unique for yourself, and at the same time noticeable to others. Even though your physical appearance should be used in function of what you want to express in a certain situation, we all have a particular way to do this. And this is what we mean with having your own personal style. It distinguishes you from others, it is what makes you, you!

For some of us, our personal style comes naturally, for others, it can take a lifetime to find it. To find your own style, you actually need to know yourself quite well: your body type with its typical features (and embrace them) and your unique personality. And that is, for many women, not an easy task. Many women usually follow trends blindly or stay in this very classic range (to not take any risks). Only a few women are recognizable by their personal style.

However, knowing and expressing your personal style is more useful than just standing out the (working) crowd. It will help you in your daily life: you will not only be more time-and-effort efficient while shopping, you will also spend less money on bad buys, which has an important financial impact on the long run. And let’s not talk about all these mornings where you lost hours to find that perfect outfit… Defining your personal style will help you choose and wear your outfits with confidence.

Even though every woman has a different way to wear and combine garments depending on her personal style, you can still clearly observe bigger categories of styles. This series of articles “Find your own style” will help you find/(re-)define your own style by describing some of these great categories of existing styles. One of these categories, which is being very popular for a couple of years now, is the minimalist style.

Let’s find out what minimalism is about and what kind of garments are hanging in the wardrobe of a minimalist.

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Inspired by the designs of the British much-loved ex-creative director of CĂ©line, Phoebe Philo, minimalism can be identified by its monochrome colour palette, geometric forms and timelessness. Frequently visible on the streets in Scandinavian cities, it is typically effortless, comfortable and chique at the same time. The word says it all: less is more.

A wardrobe of a minimalist contains a few pieces per season, like a capsule. It contains timeless pieces, made from luxurious materials and high-end fabrics (wool, cotton, cashmere etc.). Since the purpose is to keep the pieces on the long run, minimalism depends a lot on the quality of the garments. The pieces are easy to combine with one another, and with different styles. They are all quite basics with a twist, and the twist you give depends on your own personality (feminine, sporty, sophisticated, trendy).

However, to build a minimalist wardrobe, certain pieces are key. To understand the minimalist point of view, I’ve gathered for you 10 essential items (and where to find these) in this article. Now it is up to you to add to these items your personal touch!

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1. The white T or shirt

The basic white T or shirt, preferably over-sized, is one of the key items of a minimalist wardrobe. The minimalist T or shirt is easy to combine with every other piece in your capsule wardrobe: wear it with a good pair of denim and your over-sized blazer. However, you do not need to keep it that simple, that depends, of course, on your personality.

2. A qualitative knit

To wear with your denim or over your maxi/midi dress, this sweater is a must for your minimalist wardrobe. The purpose is to be as sustainable as possible to keep your garments on the long run, so choose a high-end fabric, like real wool or cashmere. Over-sized, straight or cropped, all models will be fine here.

3. Tailored trousers

Comfortable to wear with sneakers, and incredibly sleek with high heel sandals, tailored trousers should definitely be in your minimalist wardrobe. And since minimalism is all about simplicity, opt for a quite neutral color, like black, navy or white. Depending on your physical morphology, some shapes will be more suitable than others. However, in a minimalist environment, there are plenty of shapes that are appropriate: from wide leg pants to carrot pants.

4. Denim

Denim is quite typical for minimalism, usually worn with a beautiful blouse/shirt or with an over-sized blazer. It makes your whole outfit easy, comfortable and chic. Depending on your physical morphology, pick a pair of jeans that fits you: straight, wide leg or boyfriend fit… As long as it is mid/high-waist and over-sized, the cut is not really important.

5. A maxi/midi dress

Wearable on warm Spring days with sneakers or with sandals, these maxi/midi dresses are effortlessly chic and very comfortable, as minimalism always should be. To match the minimalist mindset, choose a straight dress, long till the ankles (or mid-calf, if long legs), with preferably a structured upper part. For a casual day out, pick a stretchy fabric, as for a more formal/work purpose, a more stiff fabric will be more appropriate.

6. Over-sized blazer

Blazers should be in every wardrobe, correct! Which blazer will look minimalist? The over-sized, long, strongly padded blazer (that maybe looks a bit masculine). That’s the one you need here! The color is really up to you and the personal touch you want to add, however, have at least one blazer in your wardrobe that is neutral in color, in black, nude or grey.

7. The typical trenchcoat

Aahh… The trenchcoat! Typical for minimalists! Usually worn to elevate a very casual look, with a jeans and sneakers, and for the bold ones here, with joggers and sweaters.

8. Strappy sandals

For upcoming season, strappy sandals would fit perfectly in a minimalist wardrobe. The more structured (squared or pointy) and asymmetrical, the better. Choose for very thin straps, which are typical for this style. However, if you have thicker ankles and you want to attenuate the width of your ankle, pick sandals with thicker straps, and maybe a heel.

9. Sneakers

Minimalists are known to wear white sneakers with all kinds of outfits: suits, dresses or midi skirts… So, adopt the sneaker look with these two examples!

10. Statement jewellery

Jewellery is a must to finish your whole look, as think most minimalists. There are no specific “rules“: silver or gold, thick or thin… Every kind of jewellery can be used, depending on your skin color and physical morphology. However, chains and keys (in all styles/shapes) definitely dominate the fashion industry at the moment.

One last word…

Now that you all are a minimalist wardrobe experts: Were you familiar with this style? Have you spot this way of styling already on the streets? Did you learn a new way of styling? Do you like this style? Would you actually wear it? Did you feel inspired? Do you own some minimalist key items in your wardrobe? As you may have understood already, it is a style that is easy to adopt. You can definitely try out some typical minimalist outfits with pieces from your own wardrobe and be a minimalist for one day! Be inspired with this way of styling: it is so easy, comfortable and chic. It is also a great way to step out of your comfort zone and actually maximize the potential of your wardrobe.

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If you feel lost, or you feel like you did not find your style yet. No worries! With the next issue of this article series “Find you own style” you will meet other styles, get inspired and get the life hacks on how to find you own personal style.

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