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At the office, people try to differentiate themselves all the time, mostly by proving their competences and skills with their results and achievements. However, many forget that their physical image is also something to compete with. Besides having great results at work, you can easily differentiate yourself with the way your dress, talk and act. Being conscious about how you are being perceived at work definitely has a great impact on your career: people may see you as more a confident, trust-worthy, social person, which will have a direct effect on the relationships you might have created with your colleagues/employees and, most importantly with your boss.

There are different techniques to distinguish yourself from others at work. One of the most obvious techniques is using colour, which will make people literally look at you. However, using bold, bright colors is not always the best way to do it: it can be seen as quite aggressive and it requires quite a fashion expertise to actually know how to combine outfits using bold, bright colors without looking like a clown at the office. Subtlety is key at the office!

Pastels are a impeccable way to stand out the (working) crowd, without being too agressive. Dust pink, baby blue, lilac, mint green… All pastels are fine here!

How to look powerful in pastels? For beginners, I advice to start with one pastel colored item, e.g. a blouse, and combine it with a total neutral look, e.g. total nude look with a pop of lilac. Use white, black or nudes to make your pastel explosion more subtle. The more you’ll try it, the more you will be able to combine pastels in one outfit! For the more advanced fashionistas reading this: dare to go for a total pastel office-look, or mix and match, color-block different pastels together in the same outfit! Be bold and creative!

How does your pastel office-outfit looks like?


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