Finding your style starts by knowing your body! Still, finding the right clothing takes time, effort and knowledge. Whatever your body type is, you can easily lose a couple of hours in your favorite store to find that perfect fit. Trends often make us try new kinds of clothing, and without knowing what kinds of shapes/cuts fit us, it can be very time-consuming to try out all these new things!

However, there are some key principles to easily understand how to pick the perfect fit in a store, depending on your body type and its specific features. For this Chapter, we will only focus on our lower body parts: Which shapes of trousers fit me? Let’s discover some of these key principles hereunder.

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Whatever your body type might be, some pair of trousers will suit you better than the others. Given the variety of models, colors and brands, it is sometimes difficult to find our way out there! There are some elements that should trigger you as soon as you see a pair of trousers:

1. The cut

The way the trousers are cut, is one of the most important elements in order to determine if a pair of trousers will suit you or not. The cuts will work as optical illusions which will enable you to enhance your silhouette.

2. The waist

Important is to check the height of the waist. The height of the trousers will make your legs look longer/shorter, depending on which height you chose!

3. The length

Also the length of the trousers is an important element to spot when choosing your perfect pair of trousers. It will immediately impact the length of your legs: Want long legs? Wear your trousers long!

4. The pockets

Pockets have a bouncing effect, which is perfect to give some volume to that bum of yours!

5. The color & material

Last but not least, the color and material of the trousers also have their impact, which will help you enhance your silhouette.


Before starting to dig into the question of which trousers suits you the best, it can be interesting to summarize the different types of trousers that exist.

Flared, skinny or palazzo trousers, what does it all mean?

This little video gives a general overview of the most common types of trousers that exist. Get to know the different types of trousers with this short video!


Now that you know which types of trousers exist, it is time to dive into the real question of this article: which type of trousers will suit you the best, depending on your body type and shape?

Being conscious about your body shape and type, and dressing accordingly, does not mean you do not accept yourself. Every body is different and beautiful in their own way, and I am a strong believer that confidence can get you anywhere. However, with these tips, you can adapt your image concretely and also, take part in the way you are perceived by others.

1. You are (very) thin

They say (very) thin women can wear anything, but that’s unfortunately not true! Thin women should find trousers that would accentuate their beautiful legs, and so re-balance their silhouette.


Too large trousers, like cargo, baggy, balloon or loose fit trousers.


Tighter fitted trousers, like skinny, slim, carrot or straight trousers.

You can choose shiny materials, colorful textiles or prints.

2. You have short legs

Short legs does not mean petite. Here, we are talking about the women whom lower body is significantly shorter than the upper body part and wish to lengthen their lower body parts (legs) to create some balance.


Flared trousers, like bootcuts.

*If worn, wear the flared trousers high waisted, long and with heels!


High-waist long trousers, meaning ankle-length or longer.

Vertical prints (lines)

3. You are (very) tall

On the contrary, if you are (very) tall, and you have (very) long legs, you want to trick people into thinking you look shorter, you might want to opt for flared trousers (bootcut) or shorter trousers like 7/8 trousers. Also, a mid-waist will help to give the illusion to have shorter legs.

4. You have larger hips

Having curves is a gift, but how do you highlight these well?


Tight trousers, like carrot or cigarette trousers.


Too small back pockets.


Straight to flared trousers, like boyfriends, moms or bootcuts.

Mid-waist to high waist.

Proportional back pockets.

5. You have heavy tights

Are you looking for trousers that have a slimming effect on those tights? Here are the do’s and don’t’s.


Short or tight trousers, like skinny, slim.

Shiny materials or horizontal prints or light colors.

Too small back pockets.


High-waist straight to flared or even loose fit trousers.

Darker colors, combined with light-colored tops.

Proportional back pockets.

6. You have a flat bum

To accentuate the volume of your bum, there are some very easy tricks to keep in mind before buying your perfect pair of trousers. Almost the whole game is played with your back pockets: choose back pockets according to your bum size. Not too small, not too large.

However, to make your bum look a bit bumpier, you might want to choose smaller and high placed pockets.

7. You have big calves

For some women it is only a detail, for others a real struggle: calves can easily be hidden when applying some of these do’s and don’t’s.


Short trousers that stop at the height of the calves, like 3/4 trousers.

Tight trousers, like skinny or slim.


Longer trousers, meaning ankle-length or longer.

Straight to flared trousers, like bootcuts.



Here is a short video in which is explained how to find your perfect trousers (French only):

With these tips, you should be able to get closer to your perfect fitted pair of trousers. However, if you need more personal assistance on that matter, you can ask your questions in the comments or send an email to alexandra@paulemarcelle.com!

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