As some of you noticed, the previous article did not contain any shoe-trends! Many remarkable shoe-styles are coming our way, and finding the perfect pair might make us nervous. It might be hard to not be overwhelmed by this oversupply in our favorite stores. So, let’s dive deep into the shoe-trends: which pair of shoes should you buy this season?


1. Track sole boots: thé shoes of the season!

If you’ve read the previous article on Autumn ’20 top trends, you might have noticed that the trend is to add (a touch of) darkness to our outfits (ref. Matrix-style). This season is all about the total black looks with long black leather trenchcoats and capes. Finish that look with your best track sole boots, preferably inspired by Prada’s boots or Bottega Veneta’s bottines.

These kind of track sole boots were already settling in previous year, however for Fall 2020, you can find dupes and variations e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e:

For the fashionistas who are following trends from close-by: wear your track sole boots in different colors (as seen on the latest models of Bottega Veneta in white or brown) or in different shapes and lengths…

You can also find them laced up (looking like mountain boots, don’t you think?) :

2. Flat riding boots

Hate it or love it, but one of the many variations of the track sole boots, are flat riding boots. This upcoming Autumn ’20 trend, about to break out, is to combine these flat riding boots with very minimalist outfits:

Since this trend is only coming up, these boots are quite hard to find. Most are sold-out, and about to be restocked!

3. Platform loafers

Thanks to Prada, another and last variation exists in this grungy style: the platform loafers. Usually combined with a girly (school) outfit, and preferably worn with socks (yes, you hear it well!), these loafers are a settled trend by now.

To shop the look:

4. Squared toe boots

Square toes were already very present previous season (Spring-Summer) with the strapped sandals, remember? Well, the saga continues! Square toes in ankle boots, high boots, cowboy boots… Take all the boots you wore last year and make it squared!

Dare to shop these boots as squared and structured as possible:

5. High cowboy boots

Oh! And we are not done with boots this season! The last pair of boots every fashionista should have (and probably, already has) in their closet, are the high cowboy boots. The cowboy boot is a trend that was clearly present in our streets previous Fall and Winter season, however, they are still actual! Only now we like to wear them very high, right under the knees.

Shop them super pointy, high and try to play with colors!

6. Heels: straps, platforms & squared toes

For warmer days, the fashion world tends to opt for shoes that do have an ankle strap and hu-ge platforms. Always look for that square toe element, of course!

To wear with socks for the darers!

Shop the look:

So, which pair of shoes will you buy this Autumn?

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