The way your employees/partners talk, walk and dress reflects who/what you represent as an enterprise. It is a part of your appearance, and clients treat your employees/partners and act towards your employees/partners in a unique way, depending on how they perceive them. Whether it may seem superficial or not, clothing is one of the first things you can control about your professional image, as perceived in your sector. It is therefore important to be conscious about the image of your enterprise, carried by your employees, your partners.

The styling and image expertise and know-how of Paule + Marcelle is put at your disposal in order for you to master the art of arranging the image of your enterprise, taking into account its unique identity (vision and mission) and its objectives. The priority is to give you all the keys to be the best version of yourself!

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Subjects such as communicating your professional potential via styling, mastering the skill of arranging our appearance in order to achieve objectives or defining a professional dress code etc. are all matters on which Alexandra is passionate about. If your enterprise is looking for a teambuilding activity, a client workshop or a recrutement event, Alexandra’s expertise might be the solution!

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Your employees, your partners represent your enterprise and are the image of your firm. The individual employee program has been constructed to help your employees master the skill of arranging their physical appearance in order to represent your enterprise in the best way possible. Ideal for professionals in sales, in communication, in executive positions or even leading positions and in public relations, this program will give you or your employees/partners the consciousness on communicating your enterprise’s values, on gaining trust and authority via your physical appearance.

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Being the window of your brand, your store-keepers represent your clothing brand. Besides being familiar with the basics of colors and morphologies, your staff needs to be capable of understanding what your brand stands for and apply these values when advising and gaining trust of your buyers.

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