Via social media, Alexandra’s styling and image expertise reaches every day by thousands of women. By sharing outfits, projects and styling advice, many women get inspired via Youtube, Instagram and Facebook to become the best versions of themselves.

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The way you talk, walk and dress reflects who you are (your personality) and what you want (your goals and ambitions). It is a part of your appearance, and people treat you and act towards you in a unique way, depending on how they perceive you. Whether it may seem superficial or not, clothing is one of the first things you can control about your personal image, as perceived in your environment. It is therefore important to be conscious about your physical appearance, especially at work.

The styling and image expertise and know-how is put at your disposal via Paule + Marcelle in order for you to master the art of arranging your professional and/or personal image, taking into account your unique identity and your personal objectives. The priority is to give you all the keys to be the best version of yourself!

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